About Us

Blessing Light is a family workshop passionate in crafting bespoke and high quality home decorations from lamps, lampshades, to crystal accessories such as finials, fan pulls, and lighting accessories.

Our Story

We believe that high-quality home decorations and accessories should be easy and affordable. That we shouldn’t have to compromise quality for affordability.

When we tried to buy a new lampshade, we realized that we could only find mass-manufactured plastic shades in big-box stores or expensive “Victorian” antique shades at lighting stores with pushy salespeople. Why is it so hard? So we decided to make them ourselves. We researched and sourced the finest materials, fabrics, and crystals to build it ourselves. Today we are proud to offer our most popular products on our website.

What We Offer Online

Today we are pleased to share our most popular products on our website:

  • Lead glass and acrylic crystals for finials, fan pulls, and lamp pulls with bespoke customization options
  • Chandelier crystals
  • And other accessories

    Custom Orders and Lamp Shades

    In addition to the products in stock, we also build and repair custom lamp shades per your specification. You can specify the shape of the frame, fabric, and trim/tassels. If you are interested in lampshades or other products not listed here, please contact us for more information.