Blessing Light

Blessing Light is a family workshop started in 2007 through our passion of producing the highest quality handcrafted lamps and lamp shades. We are currently located in central New Jersey by the beautiful Rutgers University campus.


In addition to our beautiful lamp shades, we sell a variety of glass crystals used as fan pulls and finials. We also offer a eclectic collection of home decorations that we love and want to share with our customers.

We recently revamped our website to showcase our products. Now we offer a safe and quick way to purchase from us directly. If you have any questions about our products, or custom orders, please contact us directly.

Our Story

Have you ever tried to buy something online or in-store but was frustrated because no retailers offer just the right one? Six years ago, we searched everywhere to find new high quality lamp shades to replace our plain shades. But you can only find cheap plastic shades in big-box stores, low quality mass-manufactured imports at lighting stores, or expensive "Victorian" shades at antique stores. If no one could provide that we were looking for, we set out to make out own.

Once we had a small network of close friends and customer base, we realized that it's also hard to find a beautiful finial to top off and secure the lamp shade. So we researched and sourced the highest quality of glass and acrylic crystals to complement the shades. Our customers loved these finials and suggested that we can set them up as lamp pulls. The lamp pull naturally evolved into fan pulls and blind/curtain pulls.

What We Offer

Today we are pleased to share our finest catalog of products on our website.

  • High-quality handcrafted lamp shades
  • Glass and acrylic crystals for finials, fan pulls, lamp pulls, and other home decorations

Custom Orders

In addition to the our crystals and lamp shades in stock, we also build custom lamp shades per your specification. You can specify the shape of the frame, fabric, and trim/tassels. If you are interested, please contact us with the Contact Us. Since each lamp shade is custom and hand made, please allow about 3 weeks.
We also accept special orders for crystals. Please contact us.


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