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Acrylic Diamond Window Blind Pull

1 Gorgeous Acrylic Crystal Diamond Window Blind Shade, Roman Shade Pull

Dress up your beautiful window blinds or roman shades with an eye-catching and unique blind pulls! Replace your existing blind's ordinary wood or plastic tassels with a wide assortment of our stylish crystal and porcelain accents, perfectly matched to your decor. 

Shape: Diamond
Cap: Solid bronze. Gold tone cap is attached on this listing item, If you need Silver tone cap, Please let us know.
Material:High Quality Acrylic.
Size of pumpkin: 1-1/4 inch (28 mm) 

Blind / Shade Pull Instructions
Step 1: Remove the existing wood or plastic caps at the end of the blind or shade cords.
Step 2: Slip the new pull’s brass cap (silver tone or gold tone) onto either one cord or two, and knot at the bottom to keep them from slipping.
Step 3: Attach the crystal pulls onto the brass cap by turning clockwise.


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